Baum, Maggs and Taylor are planning a few gigs in 2024, currently including a warm up in the Catherine Wheel, Sunday February 25th; The Old Smithy, Welcombe, Devon, Friday March 22nd; The Hart Inn, Hartland, Devon, Saturday March 23rd; The Bradworthy Inn, Devon, Sunday March 24th; Fawley Hill, Friday May 17th/Saturday May 18th; The Morrell Rooms, Streatley, September 28th.   

We were there for the music and what an evening it turned out to be… the Bacuma Boys took us on a journey through American blues and jazz to western swing and some traditional and contemporary folk, running from the 1930’s (though they did slip in some earlier pieces!) through to about 1959, finishing with a bit of Gospel and Rock. “He’s in the Jailhouse Now” was made memorable by the three gents in caps (the Bacumarettes, of course) who jumped up on cue to sing the chorus!! The band created a great atmosphere and a good time was had by all.”

I’m still floating after Friday and it’s not through lack of sleep!!!  What a brilliant result – not just in terms of money raised (although that has beaten all records here apparently!) but bringing so many people together from the outlying villages in one place for a fabulous evening of great music, food and fun.  I’ve been bowled over by lovely comments. “Thank you” seems so inadequate but I mean it from the heart.  You have numerous new fans over here now!